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Author Topic: South Korean actress Korean wedding sweet style interpretation ( Figure )  (Read 9517 times)
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« on: Wed, January 4, 2012, 23:34:11 »

Bride wedding dress is one of the best modifier, it can show us the beautiful curve was dripping try to, but can also be modified our well enough, so when the bride to wear for their wedding, they Samaranch's most beautiful side. So, how to choose the wedding dress do?
 pure wedding dress
 1, invite prospective husband or sister friend to go with to help you choose the most suitable for their own wedding.
 2, wear light-colored, removable shoulder strap underwear, avoid the embarrassment of falling out of underwear.
 3, wear light-colored high heels when girls wear high heels, she is often more tall and straight, more self-confidence, coupled with the wedding will be better.
 4, put hair up, will be more showing your elegance.
 5,luxury gowns, if you start before the wedding, is to concealed by the veil, then to choose the larger of the veil, the veil cover down to ensure that the length between the chest and lower abdomen.
 wedding style choices:
 princess wedding dress princess type
 is characterized by: clear vertical lines princess cut way, the upper body fit, hem width gradually. This classic style is also known as A wedding dress, suitable for a variety of the stature of the bride. Princess type of vertical lines, can make the bride physique look more slender, more fluid lines, symmetry.
 adapted types:
 petite slim body but the bride, you can choose waist high ceiling design, the Ministry of hem lines stretched.
 chest full of the bride should choose some of the deep V-neck collar or neck look more slender.
 skirt type
 this traditional style of wedding dress features: fit of the upper body, the waist and skirt exaggerated full swing. Just at the waist waist can also be slightly more, and even closer to the hip position. This style of wedding are equipped with stereotypes petticoat.
 adapted types:
 full type of bride Choose long-sleeved style or V-shaped waistline, visual effects will be better.
 chest full of the bride.
 not suitable:
 petite bride, the skirt is too large will make you even more short.
 very thin upper body, lower body was full of the bride.
 this section is very simple and elegant wedding, according to the body curve of the narrow tailoring put fit design, which is not attached petticoat. Most of the material with silk georgette, crepe, etc. with excellent sense of drooping fabric. This section can be said that all the wedding dress styles, the most prominent body of the United States and the most modern cutting style, the knee-length skirt or slightly lower at the open put this section of the fish-tail wedding dress is the most common version of the deformation style.
 suitable type:
 tall bride, to show the beautiful body good curve.
 petite delicate bride.
 not suitable for:
 lower body than upper body fullness of many of the bride.
 do not want too much curve to show the body of the bride.
 tail type
 high waist, long skirt is this section the most distinctive features of the wedding in the fit close to the chest, can be decorated with various flowers. was slightly A-line skirt, full lines the shoulder and chest, waist and hips on the cover also has a good effect, reflecting the the aristocratic luxury temperament.
 adapted types:
 tall, dignified elegance of the bride.
 not suitable:
 body more petite bride.
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