Getting ready to head overseas

Hey Guys,
I’ve been hard at work on the last two Sgt. Rock covers. While #5 is just about complete, I think I’m going to rework it. Black Cat Guy posed for it and did a great job, but it seems a bit lacking. So what I’m thinking of doing is making the cover #6 and add some more figures. I know this means nothing to you all at this point as you can’t see the image, but you will later on today when I post it. I’ve got to finish these two covers before I leave. I also am doing well with my commissions and should complete five more before I leave. Our world class travelers Sllamky and Delvie’s work is also on my art table and ready to go. I will get to them when I return. I’ve done a bunch of Delvie’s but still owe Scott four (am reduing his Winter Commission). Well, I’m having some coffee then it’s back to work.
Talk to you all tomorrow.


Hello All,
I just completed the final issue of “Sgt. Rock – The Lost Battalion.” It is Day Six and I had to cram seven issues (which I pleaded for) into six, but think I did it. I did add an extra page and hope DC will give me that, as it’s so important. I am greatly relieved and pretty damn proud of the work. I will finish the cover to Day 4 (they are all titled “ D ay 1″, “ D ay 2″ etc. as opposed to numbered issues — hope this doesn’t piss off any collectors) today, cover to Day 5 by Friday and Day 6 by Sunday.

Again, I’m really exciting, the ending is quite sad and it even brought tears to Deb’s eyes so hopefully, others will feel the same.

I got an email from a 442nd veteran today, and will contact him via email. I am so terrified that I’m SHAKING. I’m just glad I didn’t see it last night, or I wouldn’t have slept. I’ll be posting another Hellion up next week (I plan) titled, “covering Rock” but will post it here first.

Until tomorrow and I’ll post the cover when I complete it tonight.